This guide describes metrics available on Apphud Dashboard.

View metrics of your app in a convenient dashboard.

About Currencies

US Dollar is a base currency in Apphud. All transactions are automatically converted to USD by the exchange rates at the time of event using OpenExchangeRates.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

MRR is recurring gross revenue normalized in to a monthly amount. It's calculated as a sum of the monthly fee paid by each paying customer.


If you have 10 customers paying $10 per month. MRR will be equal to:

MRR = 10 subscribers × $10 per month = $100.

All non-monthly subscription plans are being normalized in to a monthly plan. For example, annual subscription that costs $120 per year will be normalized in to $10 per month.

Active regular subscriptions

Number of currently active regular subscriptions. Trials, introductory and promotional offers are excluded from this amount.

Here you can also see a number of regular subscriptions with autorenewal enabled and disabled.

Active trials

Number of currently active subscriptions in trial period.

Active intro offers

Number of currently active subscriptions in introductory period.

Active promo offers

Number of currently promotional offers.

Gross revenue

Gross revenue is a total amount billed to customers for purchasing subscriptions prior to refunds, taxes and Apple’s commission.


Number of subscription refunds within selected period.


Estimated amount you receive on sales of subscriptions. It excludes refunds and Apple’s commission.

You can read more about how Apple calculates commission here.

Failed charges

Number of subscription suspensions due to billing issue within selected period.

New regular subscriptions

Number of new regular subscriptions that became active within selected period.

New trials

Number of trials activated within selected period.

New intro offers

Number of introductory offers activated within selected period.

New promo offers

Number of promotional offers activated within selected period.

New users

Number of new users registered by Apphud within selected period.