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Android: Service account JSON Error!

Hello! I added a new Service account JSON and keep seeing the error that pops up - “Error: Invalid Service Account JSON or Package Name. Please check permissions.”

Xcode console error: Failed to load SKProducts from the App Store...

Hello, I created subscriptions. I added them to the paywall in Apphud. When I try to check the subscriptions I always see in Xcode console “Failed to load SKProducts from the App Store, because product identifiers are invalid”

Payment completed but Apphud.hasActiveSubscription returns false

Hello! I was added my product o AppHud. I performed a test and see that the transaction status = .purchased. But Apphud.hasActiveSubscription returns false. What was done wrong?

Android billing v5

We are going to integrate AppHud into the app we develop. Unfortunately, the latest version of the AppHud SDK which is available on Github, uses Google Play Billing library of version `4.0.0`. Have you plans to migrate the SDK to version `5.x.x` in the nearest future?

We can't pass the review

Hello! We can’t pass the review due to an error, it says: 'We noticed that your app does not check for the existence of a purchase receipt, which can prevent in-app purchases from being correctly processed.'


Hello, Is it possible to run an Experiment for the certain app version?

How switch from a similar service to Apphud?

I already use a similar service and I'd like to switch to Apphud. How can I migrate the data smoothly? Thanks.

Flutter SDK

How to add the Flutter SDK in 5 mins?

Android SDK integration

How to integrate the Android SDK?


How to integrate the iOS SDK?