Event Parameters and User Properties

This guide describes possible parameters and user properties that can be sent to integrations.

Apphud can send events about subscriptions and non-renewing purchases to third party services: mobile analytics and messengers.

Events Parameters

Here is a list of all available parameters that are being sent with events:



product_id oraf_content_id or content_items[0].$sku or fb_content_id

Product identifier


Transaction identifier


The increment of time that a subscription period is specified in. Possible values: day, week, month, year


The number of units per subscription period

local_price oraf_revenue or _valueToSum

The cost of the product in the local currency

currency oraf_currency or fb_currency

Local currency ISO code

usd_price orcontent_items[0].$price

The cost of the product in USD


Price description in following format: local_price currency ~ usd_price, for example: 499 RUR ~ 7.8 USD


1. The reason of an expiration of a subscription. Possible values: user_canceled, billing_issue, declined_price_increase, unavailable_product, unknown_error 2. The reason of refund. Possible values: app_issue, another_reason


Promotional offer identifier


Introductory or promotional offer payment mode, if applied. Possible values: pay_up_front, pay_as_you_go, trial (for promotional offers)


App name


User identifier


Subscription group name

To get more details about parameters in each integration, please check corresponding integration guide.

Possible Values of reason Parameter

If subscription lapsed:

  • user_canceled: user canceled subscription manually;

  • billing_issue: there was an error during billing;

  • declined_price_increase: user did not agree to a recent price increase;

  • unavailable_product: product was not available for purchase at the time of renewal;

  • unknown_error: unknown error occurred.

If subscription refunded:

  • app_issue: user canceled his subscription due to an actual or perceived issue within your app;

  • another_reason: subscription was canceled for another reason, for example, if the user made the purchase accidentally.

User Properties

Besides events Apphud also sends user properties to analytics:



[Apphud] status-<group_name>, where <group_name> – name of subscription group

Status of subscription. Possible values: none, trial, intro, regular, promo, refunded, expired

[Apphud] autorenew-<group_name>, where <group_name> – name of subscription group

Whether autorenew option is turned on

[Apphud] total_spent

Total amount of money that user has been charged, in USD

[Apphud] paying

Whether user is paying or not

[Apphud] payments_count

Number of transactions user has been charged

To get more details about user properties in each integration, please check corresponding integration guide.

Possible Values of [Apphud] status-<group_name>

All values are applied for given subscription group:

  • none: user has never purchased a subscription;

  • trial: user has a subscription that is currently in trial period;

  • intro: user has a subscription that is currently in introductory offer;

  • regular: user has a subscription with regular price;

  • promo: user has a subscription that is currently in promotional offer;

  • refunded: user has refunded a subscription;

  • expired: subscription lapsed.