Adding Products

This guide describes how to properly add In-App purchases of your app to Apphud

You must add all In-App Subscriptions configured in App Store Connect to Apphud. Unfortunately, Apple doesn't have API to receive configured products list. That is why you should add all products manually to Apphud.

The structure of your subscription products and their subscription groups should exactly match the structure at App Store Connect.

if you add new products at App Store Connect, don't forget to add them to Apphud. If you delete live products from App Store Connect, there is no need to delete them from Apphud. Also it's not recommended to change subscriptions prices after SDK integration as it may show incorrect revenue in some cases. You can create new product with new price instead.

Adding Subscription Groups

Click on “Add products group”. The name of subscription group will be shown in reports and analytics.

Adding a Product

To add a product click on “Add a product”. Enter your Product ID and click “Create”.