Adding New App

This guide describes how to add your app to Apphud

To add a new app, click on "Add new app" at the top:

Or just register and application create screens will show automatically. Fill the information about the app.

App Name

This is a name of the app that will be used in reports.

Then you will have options to configure iOS and Android apps accordingly.

Add iOS App

Bundle ID

To get Bundle ID open App Store Connect, go to "My Apps" and choose your app. At the app page find “Your Bundle ID”.

App Store Shared Secret

To get shared secret:

  1. Open App Store Connect, go to my “My Apps” and choose your app.

  2. Go to "Features" and select “In-App Purchases”.

  3. Click on “View Shared Secret”. Generate a new one if you don't have it yet.

Please make sure that App Store Shared Secret you pasted to Apphud is correct.

Add Android App

Package Name

Enter your app's package name.

Service Account JSON

Please provide contents of your Google Play Service Account JSON as described here.

URL for App Store Server Notifications

Providing App Store Server Notifications URL is required. You should insert it in App Store Connect.

  1. Open App Store Connect, go to “My Apps” and choose your app.

  2. Under "App Information" find "URL for App Store Server Notifications", paste generated URL and save changes.

App Store Server Notifications Proxy

If you already use App Store Server Notifications and can't paster URL provided by Apphud, you can use App Store Server Notifications Proxy feature. Apphud will automatically send all incoming server-to-server webhooks from Apple to your server.

  1. Go to "App Settings" in Apphud.

  2. Paste your subscription status URL into "Proxy App Store Server Notifications to this URL" field:

Google Play Service Credentials

This is a difficult process but it is required in order for us to validate in-app purchases in Google Play.

Go to Settings page in your Google Play Console:

Open API Access tab:

Click on Link button to connect account to a Google Developer Project:

Next let's create a service account.

Create Service Account

Click on "Create Service Account":

Navigate via link to Google API Console:

Click on "Create Service Account" button:

Enter the name of your service account and click "CREATE":

Select "Owner" for this account permissions:

Next you will need to create a new private key for this account:

Select "JSON" key type and click "CREATE":

After that you will need to grant financial access to this account.

Grant Financial Access

Click on "GRANT ACCESS" button:

Select "Role" to Finance and make sure "View financial data" and "Manager orders" are checked:

Next you will only need to upload JSON file to Apphud.

Upload Service Account JSON to Apphud

Upload Service Account JSON file to Apphud when creating new app or if you already have created app, then in "Settings > Android app settings" page:

You're done!