Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform Support

If you have both iOS and Android apps you should decide whether you need cross platform support or not. This is basically means adding both platforms in one Apphud app rather than creating two different apps for each platform. Cross platform support has prons and cons.

When you should choose cross platform support?

If you added both platforms in one app, you will get:

  • Ability to have single subscription per user. If you have your own login system, you can use Apphud for cross-platform subscription support. If user purchases subscription on iOS, he will get that premium subscription on Android as well (if Apphud SDK started with the same user id).

  • One dashboard for both apps. You will be able to see summarised revenue in dashboard and charts.

When you should NOT choose cross platform support?

  • You don't have login system in your apps. So users from two platforms can't be merged.

  • You don't want Android app revenue to be shared with iOS app revenue. This might be useful, if you have different Apphud Members on each platform.

  • You don't want to have universal dashboard or charts.

Later this fall, we will add more filters in dashboard and charts so you can split data across platforms.