Google Play Subscriptions Setup

Important information before setting up your purchases in Google Play.
We are working on supporting updates Google Play Billing Library version 5.0
When adding new subscriptions in Google Play Console, don't add more than one base plan to a subscription. Apphud is limited in the functionality of Multi-quantity purchase model for In-app products, offers/multiple offers for subscriptions and multiple subscription durations. Apphud SDK doesn’t yet support the current Billing Library v5. If you need multiple subscription durations - create a new subscription with its single base plan instead. Your subscriptions should show Backwards Compatible badge.
Your application should be compiled with Google Play Billing Library version 4.
Billing Library dependency in app’s build.gradlefile:
// Some code
def billingVersion = "4.0.0"
implementation "$billingVersion"
Multi-quantity purchases should be turned off
Don't add more than one base plan to a subscription