Testing Purchases

This guide describes how to test purchases in your iOS app

Create Sandbox Account

You can read more about testing and setting up auto-renewable subscriptions in our blog.

To test in app purchases you need to create sandbox user. Go to App Store Connect and open "Users and Access", then – "Sandbox Testers":

You can read more about creating sandbox testers here.

You can sign in to Sandbox account separately from your App Store account since iOS 12. Sign in to sandbox here:


Purchasing process is the same as real in-app purchases. The only difference is accelerated time and impossibility to cancel subscription manually. Subscriptions in sandbox renew 6 times per day maximum.

Real duration

Duration in sandbox

1 week

3 minutes

1 month

5 minutes

2 months

10 minutes

3 months

15 minutes

6 months

30 minutes

1 year

1 hour

If after purchase in Apphud you can see a user with active subscription, it means that payment process work correctly.

Which Events Can Be Tested in Sandbox?

You can test following events in sandbox:

  • Trial Started

  • Trial Converted

  • Intro Started

  • Intro Converted

  • Intro Renewed

  • Intro Expired (if payment mode is "Pay as you go" and number of introductory periods is at least six)

  • Promo Started

  • Promo Converted

  • Promo Renewed

  • Promo Expired

  • Subscription Started

  • Subscription Renewed

  • Subscription Expired

  • Autorenew Disabled

  • Autorenew Enabled

You can read more about events here.