Apple App Privacy

In order to submit new apps and updates to the App Store, you need to tell what types of data you collect in App Store Connect.

Apphud collects several types of data. Please, mention this information while submitting the app for review on App Store Connect.

Data Types

Data Type



Contact info


If you use user attributes to collect identifiable contact information such as name, email address



User ID – you will need to select it if you are identifying users with a custom app user ID.

Device ID – you will need to select it if you are using integrations that utilize an advertising identifier, like IDFA.



If you are using Apphud, you must disclose that your app collects Purchases information from the App Privacy tab in App Store Connect.

Usage Data


If you are using analytics SDK's such as Mixpanel, Firebase, or Amplitude, this may be required.

The full list of possible types of data is available here.

Usage Purpose

For each type of data you must specify the usage purpose. For every type of data set both "Analytics" and "App Functionality" to Purpose section.

  • Selecting Analytics ensures compliance for Apphud’s features including Dashboard, Users, Charts, and Rules.

  • Selecting App Functionality ensures compliance for receipt validation in order to prevent fraud.

If your app or other SDKs integrated into it collect the same data for different purposes, this must be specified additionally. Read more on App Store help page.

Purchase History Linked to Identity

Apple will ask if you are linking purchase history to a user’s identity. If you are using Apphud’s anonymous app user ID’s, and do not have a way to identify individual users, select No.

If you are using an app user ID that can be tied to a user’s email address or other contact information via your own server or other third-parties, you should select Yes.

Purchase History User Tracking

To indicate if purchase history data will be used for tracking purposes, you will need to read Apple’s examples and determine if your app meets their definitions of tracking.

Apphud, as a third-party tool, does not inherently use purchase history to track users across different apps for advertising. If you are using integrations or other SDK’s that do this, you may need to disclose that here.


After making your privacy selections, Apple will show a preview of your app's privacy section. If you have chosen Purchases and Identifiers as described above, your privacy details should look something like this:

After doing all of these steps, you can submit an app/update.