Get Cancellation Insights

This guide describes how to get cancellation insights by using rule template.
Ask customer why did he cancel subscription. A user will receive Push notification immediately when he cancels trial, introductory offer or regular subscription. Apphud will automatically present a simple survey or feedback screen at next launch. You should create this screen using Apphud visual editor.

How to Configure This Rule

1. Open Rules section on Apphud.
2. Click "Create rule" button.
3. Choose "Get cancellation insights" template:
4. Configure events when this rule will be performed in "Setup" section, apply filters if needed.
5. Configure User segments if needed.
6. Configure Push notification and select screen with survey or feedback screen or create new by tapping "Build new screen" button.
You may create complex surveys by connecting 2 or more screens in Apphud visual editor.