Win Back Lost Subscribers
This guide describes how to win back lapsed customers by using rule template.
Automatically win back customers who cancel trial or subscription by providing them a discount.
This discounts are implemented via promotional offers for subscriptions and eligible for existing or lapsed subscribers only.
Promotional offers are available for iOS 12.2 and later. Read more about promotional offer in this article in our blog.
A user will receive Push notification immediately when he cancels trial, introductory offer or regular subscription. Apphud will present a promo offer screen with a personal discount at next launch. You should create this screen using Apphud visual editor.

How to Enable This Rule

1. Open Rules section on Apphud.
2. Click "Create rule" button.
3. Choose "Win back lost subscribers" template:
4. Configure events when this rule will be performed in "Setup" section, apply filters if needed.
If you have several product groups, make sure that you configure "Product group" filter. This is necessary to to present a screen with correct promotional offer from the same product group to a customer.
5. Configure User segments if needed.
6. Configure Push notification and select necessary screen with proper promotional offer or create new by tapping "Build new screen" button.
Make sure that users are eligible to purchase promotional offer shown on the offer screen.
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