This guide describes how to create and manage Rules to win back lapsed subscribers, reduce churn rate, get cancellation insights and many more.
Apphud may win back lapsed subscribers, reduce churn rate, get cancellation insights and many more using the mechanics below. This mechanics are called Rules.
You can also read our great blog post about Rules & Screens.
In order to make rules work you must:
  1. 1.
    add App Store Server Notifications URL to your app settings in App Store Connect. Read more here.
  2. 2.
    configure Push notifications. View instructions how to do it.
You may build a new Rule from scratch or use one of templates.

Create Rule

Rules can be configured in "Rules" section. To add a new rule, click "Add a rule" button.

1. Select template or start from blank rule

2. Setup

  • Rule name. A name for the rule.
  • What type of rule would you like to create? Choose between manual, scheduled and automated rule. Manual rules will be performed manually, scheduled rule will be performed on a certain time, automated rule will be triggered after certain event.
  • When to perform rule? Available for automated rules only. Select events that will trigger this rule. You can optionally set up filters for each event.
  • How many times rule can be performed for each user? If you select "Just once", rule will be performed only once per each app user.

3. User segments

  • For whom rule will be performed? Select between "All users" and "For custom segments of users". If "For custom segments of users" is selected, set up user segments. Rule will be performed for a certain user, only if this segment contains them.

4. Actions

  • Send Push notification. Configure Push notification: set up title (optional) and text (required). You may localize Push notification.
  • Present screen. Select screen that will be shown to a user at next app launch or click "Build new screen".

5. Review your rule and save changes

Don't forget to enable "Enable this rule" checkbox.

Test Rules

Testing Rules using Local StoreKit purchases is not supported. Please use Sandbox purchases using your sandbox Apple ID / password.
To test a rule simply create any and click "Test". Enter user ID on whom you want to test the rule and click Perform now
Enter your device's Push token and click "Send":

Analyze Rules

You can view results of rules efficiency in "Analyze" section. Click "..." and select "Analyze".
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