Testing & Troubleshooting (Android)
This guide describes how to test in-app purchases in your Android app and provides useful tips.

Making Test Purchases

Testing purchases in Android is the same as real purchases. However, you will need to add your Google account to application license testing in order to make purchases for free. For more information about testing purchase, please read official documentation.

Test a Fresh Install

To test a fresh install you will need to:
  • Delete user in Apphud
  • Delete the app
Android SDK doesn't save User ID / Device ID to device keychain. This means that deleting the app and user in Apphud will generate a new User ID / Device ID pair. When launching the app after re-install, you will get a fresh user without purchases.
However, if restore purchases is called, Apphud will merge existing user with a new user. In a result, User ID will change to original one and user will have two devices, with old and new Device ID. Original purchases history will be restored.

Clear Purchases History

Google Play doesn't fully clear purchases history. The best way is to change Google account on device, but if this is not an option, you can refund / cancel transactions in Google Play console > Order management.


Common steps

In case you experience any issues with in-app purchases in your Android app, please check the following:
  • Make sure you have correctly set up Google Play Service Credentials.
  • View debug logs in Android Studio. To enable debug logs call: Apphud.enableDebugLogs() before SDK initialisation. If you have any issues with in-app purchase, the error will populate in console.
  • Make sure you have entered correct Android Package Name in Apphud app settings.
  • If you don't use Apphud billing client, make sure Apphud.syncPurchases() is called after successful purchase or restoration.