Grant permissions to particular users
Sometimes you will want to give some of your apps users special privilege, unlock premium content.
It might be useful in order to prevent user churn, to motivate the most active users for their contribution, or just to emulate premium user behavior in a release build of the app.
Go to Users in left side-menu, find and open a user's profile. In the top right corner you will see Promotionals section.
Easily find all users with granted promotionals in the Users list with a filter. Choose In-App Purchase Status and select Promotional option.
Grant permission
Select desired permission group and subscription duration.
Select a Permission Group
Available periods are:
    1 Day
    3 Days
    7 Days
    14 Days
    1 Month
    3 Months
    6 Months
    1 Year
Select a Duration
Revoke permission
Just click on the cross icon on the granted promotional to revoke it.
Revoke granted permission
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