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App Store Server API (StoreKit 2)


The new App Store Server API allows for more precise requests regarding user transactions and subscriptions, replacing the older /verifyReceipt endpoint. The App Store signs the transaction and subscription renewal information that this API returns using the JSON Web Signature (JWS) specification.

With the new version of StoreKit 2, Apple has introduced its App Store Server Notifications V2. This includes introducing new events, removing some existing ones, and changing keys, values, and formats.

Calls to the API require authorization using In-App Purchase key from the App Store Connect.

Set Up

Simply upload In-App Purchase Key and Issuer ID to Apphud and you're done. See details below.

Generate In-App Purchase Key

In-App Purchase key is used for signing promotional offers, making calls to App Store Server API, and receiving App Store Server Notifications V2. To generate keys, you must have an Admin role or Account Holder role in App Store Connect.

  • Go to App Store Connect Users and Access > Keys tab, then select In-App Purchase > Generate API Key. Download and do not rename the file!
  • Copy Issuer ID on the same page.
  • Paste Issuer ID to Apphud Settings page and upload your private key file.



Subscription Key file name has the following format: SubscriptionKey_[KEY_ID].p8, where KEY_ID is your Key Identifier. Do not rename the file.

You can refer to Apple Developer documentation for more details.