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This guide describes how to add and configure Telegram integration.


Receive notifications about subscription events to Telegram.

How to Add Integration?

Authorize the bot

  • On Integrations page in Apphud click on "Add Integration" button for Telegram.
  • Click on "Launch Apphud Bot" or find @ApphudBot in Telegram app.
  • Start the bot and enter /login command.
  • You will be prompted to enter your Apphud account email address.
  • Get a security code that will be sent with an email.
  • Enter this security code in a bot chat.
  • Bot is now authorized! Now link your app.

Link your app to receive notifications

  • Once authorized, you can enter /link_apps **** command to select the app and environments that you need.
  • You can use /unlink_apps command to disable connection with your app.

Adding bot to a group

You can add Apphud bot to a group or channel to receive notifications there.


Important Note

Authorizing the bot directly in a group will not work. You must authorize it using private chat first.

  • Authorize bot using private chat. Do not call /link_apps yet.
  • Add bot to your desired group or channel.
  • Call /link_apps@ApphudBot inside a group to link your app with it.
  • If you have already linked your app with private chat, don't worry, you can re-link your app at any time.


This is a table of all possible events that are being sent to Telegram.



You can get more details regarding events here.

EventDefault Name
Trial period startedTrial Started
Successful conversion from trial period to regular subscriptionTrial Converted
Failed conversion from trial period to regular subscriptionTrial Expired
Introductory offer startedIntro Started
Introductory offer renewedIntro Renewed
Successful conversion from introductory offer to regular subscriptionIntro Converted
Failed conversion from introductory offer to regular subscription or failed renewIntro Expired
Refund during introductory offerIntro Refunded
Subscription startedSubscription Started
Subscription renewedSubscription Renewed
Subscription expiredSubscription Expired
Subscription refundedSubscription Refunded
Promotional offer startedPromo Started
Promotional offer renewedPromo Renewed
Successful conversion from promotional offer to regular subscriptionPromo Converted
Failed conversion from promotional offer to regular subscription or failed renewPromo Expired
Refund during promotional offerPromo Refunded
Trial CanceledTrial Canceled
Subscription CanceledSubscription Canceled
Autorenew disabled (Deprecated)Autorenew Disabled
Autorenew enabledAutorenew Enabled
Non renewing purchaseNon Renewing Purchase
Non renewing purchase refundedNon Renewing Purchase Refunded
Billing IssueBilling Issue

Send Test Event

You can test Telegram integration by clicking "…" and then in dropdown click on "Send test event":