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ETL Exports



ETL Exports are available on "Expert" and "Enterprise" plans.

Export transaction data on daily basis to your Cloud Storage Provider. Data is being uploaded as gzip compressed .csv file.

Data Format

Column NameNullable?Description
idInternal ID of the event
created_atDate when event was created in Apphud
updated_atDate when event was updated in Apphud
event_nameName of the event, i.e.
purchased_atDate of purchase
expires_atTrueFor auto-renewable subscriptions, date of expiration
cancelled_atTrueDate of refund
original_transaction_idOriginal Transaction Identifier. Purchase token on Play Store
transaction_idTransaction identifier.
Order ID on Android
price_usdPrice of transaction in USD
pricePrice of transaction on local currency
proceeds_usdProceeds amount in USD
proceedsProceeds amount in local currency
quantityAlways 1
commissionComission amount: 0.3 or 0.15
product_idProduct Identifier
storeStore of the app
trial_periodWhether transaction is a free trial
intro_periodWhether transaction is within intro period
is_upgradedWhether subscription was upgraded
family_sharedWhether current purchase was granted to a family member for free
subscription_typeType of purchase: autorenewable or nonrenewable
environmentproduction or sandbox
user_idPublic User ID
internal_user_idInternal ID of the user
store_countryPurchase store country code
storeStore of the app, i.e.
app_store or play_store

Available Cloud Storage Providers