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This guide describes how to add and use Apphud SDK to your Android app.

Latest Apphud SDK supports Google Play Billing 5.0


Apphud has a full support of Android with the following limitations:

  • Only Google Play Store is currently supported (App Gallery, Amazon and other stores are not supported)



Add the following lines to your build.gradle file:

repositories {
    mavenCentral() // if using Maven Central

allprojects {
    repositories {
      mavenCentral() // if using Maven Central
      maven { url '' } // if using Jitpack
dependencies {
  // if using Maven Central
  implementation 'com.apphud:ApphudSDK-Android:{LATEST_VERSION_NUMBER}'

  // if using Jitpack
  implementation 'com.github.apphud:ApphudSDK-Android:{LATEST_VERSION_NUMBER}'

Replace LATEST_VERSION_NUMBER with the latest version from our Github Tags page.


App Release Checklist

To minimize the risk of mistakes during setup and avoid the need for app resubmission, please read the App Release Checklist carefully.

What’s Next

Learn how to initialize SDK and manage purchases