This guide describes what are Screens and how to configure them using Apphud Visual Editor.


iOS only

Rules and Screens do not support Android at the moment.

Using Apphud Visual Editor you can create different screens without coding. These screens can be used in Rules to win back lapsed customers, get cancellation insights, reduce churn, and in many other cases.



You can also read our great blog post about Rules & Screens.



You can read more about Rules in this section.

There are 4 types of screens available in Apphud Visual Editor:

  • Promo offer screen. This is a purchase screen with a personal discount. Based on promotional offers for iOS subscriptions.
  • Survey screen. This is a screen showing a test where you can ask the user for something with a set of different options.
  • Feedback screen. This is a screen showing a question without any predefined options. A user can leave feedback using this screen.
  • Billing issue screen. This is the screen usually shown in case of a billing issue. It contains a button by tapping on which the user will be redirected to his App Store billing info settings.

Apphud offers many templates of purchase screens for every taste.

Configure Screen

Pick a screen you would like to use in "Screens" section of Apphud and properly configure it.



Promo offers screens require In-App Purchase Key to be uploaded to Apphud. Here is the guide on how to do it.

While configuring the Confirmation button in the Promo offer screens you will have to provide Product ID and Promotional offer ID that will be purchased when a user taps the button.

You have the option to use just the Product ID (with a lower price) and not add Promotional offer ID.



You can read more about promotional offers here.

You can also use Price macroses in any text. These macroses will be replaced with a proper value of Subscription or Promotional offer price using a user's local currency.