Configuring Products

Quick steps on how to set up products, permission and paywalls‌

Configure Products

Before working with products in SDK, make sure you created all in-app purchases in App Store Connect / Google Play Console, and made necessary set up in Aphud Product Hub. Generally, mind the following:

  • In-App purchases must be added in App Store Connect / Google Play Console.
  • You must agree to the latest Developer License Agreements.
  • You must complete all the financial agreements as described in the Agreements, Tax, and Banking (iOS).
  • You must add your Google email to license testers (Android).
  • You must use correct bundle ID / package name and signing credentials.
  • Product IDs must be added in Apphud Product Hub > Permission Groups .
  • Paywalls must be created in Apphud Product Hub > Paywalls (if you're planning to use them).


Android: Important Note

Google Play Subscriptions structure must be in backwards compatibility mode. Otherwise, Apphud won't be able to track subscriptions.

About Apphud Products Structure

Apphud allows to easily add new products, including convenient cross-platform iOS/Android products support.‌

You can customize which in-app purchases in the application will be displayed to your users remotely – control them without having to update the application.‌

Permission groups allow you to specify what level of access each product should unlock for your users, which can greatly simplify the code in your app to verify subscription access.‌

Use Paywalls to change the products list of your paywall on the fly and send any configuration options you need without app updates.‌

It's also great for experimenting with how different price and paywall configurations affect key subscription metrics.‌

Learn more about product infrastructure entities available within Apphud's Product Hub:

Configure Permission Groups and Paywalls

After you have created subscriptions in App Store Connect or Google Play Cosole, it's time to add product ids to Apphud Product Hub. Read more about Permission Groups and Paywalls.