Google Play Reduced Service Fee

Reduced Google commission rate support in Apphud

What happened?

Recently, Google announced the Reduced Service Fee, whose goal is to reduce commission of Google Play in-app’s sales for small businesses from 30% to 15%.

Generally speaking, developers who earn less than $1 million in Google Play revenue per year can apply.



For 2021, this amount is prorated to $500,000 USD, because the program started on July 1st, 2021

You can read more about the program here.

The reduced rate will affect the data in Apphud's analytics as well as the integration events we send to you. So, it's crucial to let us know about membership in the Reduced Service Fee Program in your Android app settings.

How to apply?

To enroll, you must have a payments profile. Then, create an Account Group (of which your Developer Account is the Primary Developer Account) and let Google know whether you have any Associated Developer Accounts (ADAs). After it, link your account to the group.

When you finished, you'll automatically be opted in to the Google Play Reduced Service Fee for your first $1,000,000 USD in revenue per year.

Read more about necessary steps in documentation from Google.

Letting us know

To acknowledge Apphud about your participation in the program, select an Entry date in the app's settings.

Since a developer could have multiple apps from different companies in their Apphud account, the reduced service fee membership status is set on a per-app basis.

Review your Android app settings in the Apphud's Settings, and you will find the Google Play Reduced Service Fee section at the bottom of the page.




Avoid setting the Entry date to a date in the past. We won't re-send webhooks and integration events for transactions that have already occurred. To ensure the correct data is sent to your integrations, set your effective entry date as soon as possible.

Leaving Google Play Reduced Service Fee Program

If you left the program, you must put an exit date in your Android app settings as soon as possible, otherwise, we will continue calculating your sales with the reduced commission.