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TikTok Events API

This guide describes how to add and configure TikTok Events API integration.

The TikTok Events API is a Server-to-Server (S2S) integration that allows you to share website and app visitor events directly with TikTok. Integration is designed to use for Web-to-App (Web2App) campaigns.

Using TikTok Events API for Web-to-App campaigns

TikTok Events API is useful when running Web-to-App (or Web2App) campaigns in TikTok with event optimization.

Web-to-App campaign is a web campaign targeted to your app’s landing page which has a link to the App Store.

Getting Started

Integration is a part of Web-to-App solution. Please follow this link for details.


  1. TikTok Pixel.
  2. Access Token for TikTok Pixel.
  3. Landing page with installed TikTok and Apphud scripts.

How to add integration?

Step 1

In TikTok Ads Manager create a Pixel as per documentation in a developer mode:


Step 2

In Pixel settings generate an Access Token:


Step 3

Go to Apphud integrations page and select TikTok Events API:


Step 4

Enter Pixel ID and Access Token:


Step 5

Edit your events configuration by disabling unnecessary ones or changing event names:


Step 6

Click on Enable integration and Save:


Step 7

When creating a campaign in TikTok Ads Manager, you must add URL query parameters that are displayed in TikTok integration page in Apphud:


Track Attribution Data

Adding URL Query parameters to your advertising URL is mandatory. See the last step in How to Add Integration? for details.


In case you're using our landing page the final ad URL should look like this:

In case you're using your own landing the final ad URL should look like this:

For more information visit this (the very bottom) and this links.

Add Query Parameters to your ad URL

Analyze TikTok campaigns in Apphud

Since integration is a part of Web-to-App solution, analytics is described in this guide.