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User Properties

This page describes how to set or update user properties

Set custom User Properties (or User Attributes) through SDK. These attributes will be displayed in Apphud User Page and can be segmented in charts and filters. For example, you can view revenue or MRR chart segmented by your own user attribute.


  • Set user property using system reserved or custom keys
  • Increment user property with integer or floating value
  • Set once, so it will not be overwritten.

Usage examples

Apphud.setUserProperty(key: .email, value: "[email protected]", setOnce: true)
Apphud.setUserProperty(key: .age, value: 31)
Apphud.setUserProperty(key: .init("custom_test_property_1"), value: true)
Apphud.setUserProperty(key: .gender, value: "male")
Apphud.setUserProperty(key: .init("custom_email"), value: "[email protected]", setOnce: true)
Apphud.incrementUserProperty(key: .age, by: 1)
Apphud.incrementUserProperty(key: .init("progress"), by: 0.5)
Apphud.setUserProperty(ApphudUserPropertyKey.Email, "[email protected]", true)
Apphud.setUserProperty(ApphudUserPropertyKey.CustomProperty("custom_increment_value_1"), 2.1f)
Apphud.setUserProperty(ApphudUserPropertyKey.Age, 29)
Apphud.incrementUserProperty(ApphudUserPropertyKey.CustomProperty("custom_increment_value_2"), 0.01f)
await AppHud.setUserProperty(key:, value:’[email protected]’ , setOnce:true);
await AppHud.setUserProperty(key: ApphudUserPropertyKey.age, value:31);
await AppHud.setUserProperty(key:ApphudUserPropertyKey.customProperty
(‘custom_test_property_1’), value:true);
await AppHud.setUserProperty(key:ApphudUserPropertyKey.gender, value:’male’);
await AppHud.setUserProperty(key:ApphudUserPropertyKey.customProperty
(‘custom_email’), value:’[email protected]’,setOnce:true);
await AppHud.incrementUserProperty( key: ApphudUserPropertyKey.age, by: 1,);
await AppHud.incrementUserProperty( key:ApphudUserPropertyKey.customProperty
(‘progress’), by: 0.5);

System Reserved User Properties

$genderMust be one of male, female, other


  • Value must be one of: Int, Float, Double, Bool, String, NSNumber, NSString, NSNull, nil or null.
  • Key must be 50 characters maximum.
  • App may have maximum of 60 active attributes. If you overflow the limit, new properties will not be saved.

Manage User Properties

You can manage your current User Properties in the Settings > Custom User Properties tab. If you no longer using the property, you can disable it and it won't be count as active, and will be ignored in API calls.