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SplitMetrics Acquire

This page describes how to configure integration with SplitMetrics.

About Integration

Apphud can send subscription events to SplitMetrics Acquire. Using this integration you can optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns.


  • This integration works only on iOS 14.3+ devices regardless ATT consent.
  • This integration is dependent on Apple Search Ads integration. First, set up integration with Apple Search Ads via AdServices framework (iOS 14.3+). After that you can continue setting up integration with SplitMetrics.

How to add integration?

Step 1



Before adding integration please check requirements above.

At Apphud go to "Integrations" section and add SplitMetrics Acquire:

Step 2

Insert your SplitMetrics Acquire Client ID:

Step 3

Toggle events that you want to send to SplitMetrics:

Step 4

Enable integration and Save changes: