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Server-to-Server Webhooks

This guide describes how to add and configure custom server-to-server webhook.



Server-to-server webhooks are available on "Expert" and "Enterprise" plans.

Apphud's webhook system for subscriptions allows you to catch the moment when a subscription event occurs. You can use this data to implement custom logic or analytics on your own server. You simply need to specify a URL for POST-request.

Webhooks are being sent as POST request to specified URL.

How to Add Webhook?

Step 1

At Apphud go to the "Integrations" section, click S2S webhooks add click New webhook:

Step 2

Enter webhook name and specify webhook URL. Events will be sent to this URL using POST-request:

Step 3

You may optionally specify Secret token that will be sent with the webhook request in the X-Apphud-Token HTTP header. Use this token to validate received payloads.

Step 4

Choose which between Production and Sandbox events to be sent via webhook:

Step 5

Enable events which you would like to receive webhooks for:

Step 6

Enable and save the integration:


Important Note

Apphud sends only one request per webhook without retries.

Webhook Structure

The POST body for all webhooks follows the same structure:

    "app": {},
    "event": {},
    "user": {}

Let's look through each component of this structure.


This dictionary contains information about the app.

app.uidStringApphud app ID
app.bundle_idStringiOS Bundle ID
app.package_nameStringAndroid Package Name


This dictionary contains information about events.

FieldTypeDescriptionPossible values
event.idStringApphud event ID
event.created_atDateDate when this event was created by Apphud.
event.nameStringEvent namee.g. "trial_started"
event.propertiesDictionaryA dictionary containing event properties. View the description below.
event.receiptDictionaryApphud receipt information related to the event. View the description below.
event.storStringPurchase store type may contain fields below.

FieldTypeDescriptionPossible values ID on the event: the reason of an expiration of a subscription or the reason of refunduser_canceled billing_issue declined_price_increase unavailable_product unknown_error app_issue another_reason currency ISO code in USD in local currency or promotional offer payment mode (iOS only).pay_up_front
trial offer ID increment of time that a subscription period is specified (iOS only)day
year number of units per subscription period (iOS only) purchase was used for family sharing option purchase indentifier


event.receipt may contain the fields below.


Important Note

This is an internal Apphud receipt model.

event.receipt.idStringApphud receipt ID
event.receipt.product_idStringProduct ID
event.receipt.purchased_atDateTransaction date, example: 2022-03-12T09:38:38.081Z
event.receipt.intro_periodBooleanIs subscription in an introductory period
event.receipt.trial_periodBooleanIs subscription in the trial period.
event.receipt.transaction_idStringApp Store transaction ID / Android Order ID
event.receipt.original_transaction_idStringApp Store original transaction ID / Android Purchase Token
event.receipt.price_usdFloatPrice in USD
event.receipt.proceeds_usdFloatRevenue in USD after Apple / Google commission deduction
event.receipt.priceFloatPrice in local currency
event.receipt.proceedsFloatRevenue in local currency after Apple / Google commission deduction
event.receipt.currencyStringLocal currency ISO code, example: USD
event.receipt.quantityIntegerAlways 1
event.receipt.apple_shareFloatStore commission. It can be 0.15 or 0.3.


This dictionary contains information about the user.

user.user_idStringUser ID
user.uidStringApphud user ID (browser user id)
user.payingBooleanIs the user currently paying or not
user.payments_countIntegerUser payments count
user.total_spentFloatUser total spent in USD
user.idfvStringDevice IDFV on iOS, and App Set ID on Android
user.subscriptions[]ArrayAn array containing information about all subscriptions of the user. View the description below.
user.created_atStringUser created date, example: 2022-03-12T09:38:38.081Z
user.variationsArrayArray of Experimets(A/B Tests) in which user was involved
user.country_iso_codeStringUser country code, example: US
user.time_zoneStringUser's current timezone, example: Asia/Jakarta
user.launguageStringUser's current language, example: en
user.propertiesArrayArray of custom user properties which have been assigned with Apphud SDK
user.devicesArrayArray of user deices


user.subscriptions is an array containing user's subscriptions. Each element of this array is a dictionary with the following structure:

FieldTypeDescriptionPossible values
user.subscriptions[].idStringApphud subscription ID
user.subscriptions[].product_idStringProduct ID
user.subscriptions[].groupStringGroup name
user.subscriptions[].statusStringCurrent statustrial
user.subscriptions[].intro_periodBooleanIs subscription in an introductory period
user.subscriptions[].trial_periodBooleanIs subscription in the trial period.
user.subscriptions[].started_atDateSubscription start date, example:
user.subscriptions[].expires_atDateSubscription expiration date, example:
user.subscriptions[].cancelled_atDateSubscription cancellation date, example:
user.subscriptions[].autorenew_enabledBooleanIs auto-renew enabled for the subscription
user.subscriptions[].in_retry_billingBooleanIs subscription in retry billing period
user.subscriptions[].introductory_activatedBooleanIs intro (including trial) was user by the user
user.subscriptions[].environmentStringSubscription environmentsandbox
user.subscriptions[].kindStringWhether current model is a subscription or a non-renewing purchaseautorenewable
user.subscriptions[].original_transaction_idStringFor App Store:
For Google Play / Xiaomi Store:

Webhooks Examples

Subscription Started

  "app": {
    "uid": "89a413f4",
    "bundle_id": "com.apphud.testapplication",
    "package_name": ""
  "event": {
    "id": "a2472593-f6c5-4d4c-b3e3-5b1214651242",
    "created_at": "2022-05-05T07:24:02.000Z",
    "properties": {
      "currency": "USD",
      "usd_price": 2.49,
      "product_id": "com.apphud.test.trial1",
      "local_price": 2.49,
      "family_shared": false,
      "product_bundle_id": "bfb739d2"
    "store": "play_store",
    "name": "subscription_started",
    "receipt": {
      "id": "106103fc-2eaa-4f9d-98ff-e91a08715252",
      "intro_period": false,
      "price_usd": 2.49,
      "purchased_at": "2022-05-05T07:24:02.000Z",
      "transaction_id": "GPA.3314-7278-3237-55030",
      "original_transaction_id": "mjngdagogcmgmfhcpldfegha.AO-J1Oz1Lvab6xCW5-LOdPU7tKu_xvo3NstnbPmKwinbqfXTh24h-XmqZFhWUn5RxEJOXoi1v8oYajJd2Ptxq3oaiG6eSm7gXA",
      "trial_period": false,
      "price": 2.49,
      "quantity": 1,
      "apple_share": 0.15,
      "proceeds_usd": 2.1165000000000003,
      "proceeds": 2.1165000000000003,
      "product_id": "com.apphud.test.trial1",
      "currency": "USD"
  "user": {
    "created_at": "2022-05-05T07:23:18.941Z",
    "user_id": "9b62fe05-f2b3-4876-a30c-61a2528d3c68",
    "total_spent": 0,
    "payments_count": 0,
    "uid": "36c21695",
    "idfv": null,
    "variations": [],
    "country_iso_code": "RU",
    "time_zone": "Europe/Moscow",
    "language": "en",
    "paying": false,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "phone": null,
    "name": "",
    "age": null,
    "gender": null,
    "properties": [
        "name": "$name",
        "value": ""
        "name": "$email",
        "value": "[email protected]"
    "subscriptions": [
        "id": "800e21d3-f111-4f0b-8d70-a5e7cda7ca7c",
        "status": "regular",
        "environment": "sandbox",
        "original_transaction_id": "mjngdagogcmgmfhcpldfegha.AO-J1Oz1Lvab6xCW5-LOdPU7tKu_xvo3NstnbPmKwinbqfXTh24h-XmqZFhWUn5RxEJOXoi1v8oYajJd2Ptxq3oaiG6eSm7gXA",
        "expires_at": "2022-05-05T07:30:59.000Z",
        "cancelled_at": null,
        "started_at": "2022-05-05T07:24:02.000Z",
        "autorenew_enabled": true,
        "in_retry_billing": false,
        "introductory_activated": false,
        "store": "play_store",
        "group": "Test_Experiment",
        "product_id": "com.apphud.test.trial1",
        "intro_period": false,
        "trial_period": false
    "devices": [
        "id": "c4c0613b-7eec-4506-b917-4f944dfd28c7",
        "device_id": "9b62fe05-f2b3-4876-a30c-61a2528d3c68",
        "device_type": "SM-A515F",
        "device_family": "samsung",
        "platform": "android",
        "app_version": "2.2.0",
        "sdk_version": "1.6.0",
        "os_version": "10",
        "idfa": "7b273674-4883-45b7-b171-ee1b33af38e1",
        "start_app_version": "2.2.0",
        "carrier": null,
        "push_token": null,
        "idfv": null

How to Test Webhook

You can test webhooks using any service that may receive HTTP events, for example,

Step 1

Open and click the "Create Request Bin" button.

Step 2

Copy Endpoint URL:

Step 3

Create new Webhook in Apphud using this URL. Make sure you selected "Sandbox" environment while configuring webhook.

Step 4

Make a test purchase on your device using Sandbox environment. You can read how to do this here. Now whenever webhook is triggered, you will see a full report on RequestBin: