Google Play Subscriptions Setup

Important information before setting up your purchases in Google Play.

Google Play Subscriptions Setup


Important Note

Google Billing v5.0 is supported only in backwards compatible mode.

As for now, Apphud SDK is handling purchases using Google Play Billing v4.1.
If you have integrated Apphud SDK in Observer Mode, you can use Google Billing v5.0 in backwards compatible mode. Otherwise, Apphud will not be able to track these purchases.

Apphud has limitated support of modern Google Play subscriptions structure. Particularly:

  • Multiple base plans are not yet supported.
  • Multiple offers are not yet supported.
  • Only subscriptions that have Backwards Compatible label are supported.
  • If you need multiple subscription durations create a new subscription with its single base plan instead.
  • Multi-quantity purchases should be turned off (see the screenshot below).

Multi-quantity purchases should be turned off

Using Apphud SDK with Google Billing v5.0 in Observer Mode

Each subscription must have just one Base Plan and should have Backwards Compatible label. If you don't see it, click the details menu and select "Use for deprecated billing methods".


Don't add more than one base plan to a subscription