Apphud is a tool to integrate, analyze and improve in-app purchases in your iOS or Android app.


Integrate subscriptions as easy as 1-2-3.

Apphud takes care of a subscription purchase process. Just call two SDK methods. Non-renewing purchases (consumables, non-consumables and non-renewing subscriptions) are also supported.

Get real-time subscription state of a user.

Just one SDK call to understand if a user in trial, active subscription or already cancelled it.

Use Subscription offers with no pain.

Use Apphud to easily give a discount for existing and lapsed customers. No backend required.

Send events to other mobile analytics.

Apphud reduces pain in sending subscription events to external mobile analytics and attribution platforms.

Analyze key metrics of your subscription business.

Apphud has convenient dashboard with key metrics of your subscriptions.

Receive a notification when a user gets billed.

We will send you a message to Slack and Telegram immediately when a user gets billed.

Start earning more on subscriptions with small efforts.

Configure Rules in order to automatically win back lapsed customers, reduce customer churn and get new product insights. Create screens in Apphud Visual Editor without coding.

Getting Started

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