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Revenue API

About Revenue API

As the world’s #1 in App revenue tracking accuracy, we want to share our tracking engine with external users. That is why we are excited to offer the Revenue API.

Revenue API – is an API made specially for enterprise games and apps, which lets you retrieve accurate proceeds value with all the fees and taxes deducted, and using Apple’s/ Google’s currency exchange rates. API is using the same core backend as Apphud does, but is deployed on the dedicated server. It works SDK-less and is available for use within the app, or Server-to-Server. As designed for high load, Revenue API may be useful not only for games or apps, but even for other SaaS services.

API Request


Get accurate proceeds and tax information




api_key*StringAPI Key obtained from Sales Manager
price*FloatIn-App Purchase Price (Gross)
country_code*StringProduct Locale's Country, ex. GB
currency_code*StringProduct Locale's Currency, ex. GBP
store*StringEither app_store or play_store
purchase_dateInt64Optional. Unix timestamp of the purchase, ex. 1663143775. Current time will be used, if not passed.
feeFloatOptional. Store fee, either 0.3 or 0.15. Default is 0.3

Responses: 200

  "data": {
    "price_usd": 8982000,
    "proceeds_usd": 1122750,
    "proceeds": 62375000,
    "tax": 83166667,
    "tax_usd": 1497000,
    "exchange_rate": 0.0166311,
    "valid_till": 1663200000,
    "exchange": "internal"

Response Description

price_usdGross price converted to USD, in millicents
proceeds_usdDeveloper Proceeds converted to USD, in millicents
proceedsDeveloper Proceeds in local currency, in millicents
taxTax amount in local currency, in millicents
tax_usdTax amount converted to USD, in millicents
exchange_rateExchange rate that was used to convert price to USD
valid_tillThe date until the given exchange rate is valid, in Unix timestamp
exchangePossible values: "internal" or "openexchangerates". The second option will be used only as a fallback, if our system is unable to retrieve internal exchange rate. Any fallbacks are treated as a system failure and will be displayed in our Status Page.